Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cue the Music!

It may be just a song, but to babies and toddlers it is so much more.

Studies have shown that music can have a positive effect on young children's cognitive, emotional and even physical development. "I've watched children develop so much after six weeks," says Amy Condie, the Club's Kindermusik Instructor. No stranger to music herself, Amy comes from an extremely musical family and is a formally trained vocalist. "My whole family plays instruments," she says.

The Kindermusik program is a combination of musical learning activities and connections between parents and their children. Children learn fun songs, rhythms and movements. "We have songs for bath time, nap time, story time—babies and toddlers start to associate words with actions through song," Amy says. "I just love seeing the reactions of the kids as they start to respond to musical sounds, instruments and play."

In the Club's four different Kindermusik classes with age categories up to 5 years old, each session includes musical diversity, instrument play, dance and social interaction. As the children develop, Amy says they begin to focus on imagination and creativity. "In the older class, we do a lot of creative play," she says.

The cornerstone of the Kindermusik experience is in the social interaction for both parents and children. "Children start to recognize each other around 18 months of age and they begin to develop friendships," Amy says. "It's alaso a great opportunity for parents to meet other parents with children of the same age."

According to Amy, it's a toss up between who enjoys Kindermusik more, parents or children. "It's probably even," she says.

Get more information today —Summer Kindermusik starts next week!

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