Monday, August 8, 2011

Men's Summer Basketball League

What a fantastic season for the Bellevue Club's summer basketball league! The season playoffs were the last chance for the four top-seeded teams to have their chance at victory. Legacy Group finished off the regular season with a perfect record and continued that through a playoff game, winning 77-62. Both Matt Dlouhy and Garrison Carr scored 28 points to cement their status in the finals. Hennessy also clenched a spot in the finals with an impressive 89-52 victory.

It all came down to the two commanding teams of the season in the finals. Legacy Group with their dominance of the regular season standings and Hennessy treading them the entire season with win after win.

The crown goes to...

Team Hennessy! With a final score of 90-76. Hans Gasser scored an impressive 30 points for his team!

Players of note this season:

Matt Dlouhy- 3 times on the leader board
Derek Groth- 3 times on the leader board
Marcus Kelly- 3 times on the leader board
Hans Gasser- 3 times on the leader board
Marco Quinto- 4 times on the leader board
Nick balyeav- 4 times on the leader board
Jonathan Lackings- 5 times on the leader board

*Special notice awarded to Garrison Carr who dominated the leader boards 6 times! Garrison was also awarded the highest scoring player with 43 points in a single game.

Congratulations to everyone on a fantastic season! Let the training begin for what is sure to be another great season next year.

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