Monday, February 13, 2012

Never Too Late

By Allyson Marrs

     There are no “types of people” for the Wellness Department’s newest program, Your Body, Your Life. Because the program is designed specifically for the individual, fitness level, age and ability are never determining factors.
    Inspired by a book, “Younger Next Year,” 82-year-old Rand Galt decided he wasn’t going to act his age. “You have to do serious exercise each week,” he said. “Otherwise, you’re just going to deteriorate.”
    Rand chose YBYL to keep fit simply because there was nothing like it. And his curiosity about cardiovascular health can be met during the training sessions he’ll have with cardio coach Annelise Digiacomo.
    For Rand, it’s about staying healthy as long as he can. “As you age, you start seeing your friends with walkers and wheel chairs, and that tells you the story,” he said. “I’m not about to sit in an armchair and watch the sun go down.”

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