Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Meet Bellevue Club Trainer Tyler Greer

Name:  Tyler Greer

Hometown: Visalia, Calif.

Number of years as a personal trainer: 8

Number of years at the Bellevue Club: 1

Certifications/Degrees: American College of Sports Medicine certified, Heart Zones level 2 certified, bachelor’s degree in kinesiology

Area of Expertise: Overall wellness, strength, weight loss, post rehabilitation

What can clients expect out of a training session with you? They can expect motivation, fun times and an amazing workout, leaving much happier than when they arrived.

What is your own greatest physical or fitness-related accomplishment? Changing my entire body when I was younger by losing well over 50 pounds, and then putting over 30 pounds of muscle back on in a short period of time. The experience led me to become a personal trainer.  

What is the most rewarding part about being a personal trainer? Changing people’s lives and hearing them tell me that.

What is your No. 1 piece of advice for people who have a fitness goal, whether they want to lose 10 pounds or complete an Ironman? Make sure you are ready to commit and want it more then anything. Also, take a very balanced approach and make it a priority.

What is one fitness-related misconception that drives you crazy? One size fits all. Everyone’s body chemistry is different, so if something works for someone it doesn’t mean it will always work for everyone else.

What is your favorite music to workout to? Music I can’t understand that makes me want to move something heavy!

What is your favorite pre-workout nutritional routine? Usually a shake that is light on the stomach with a balance of protein, carbohydrates and amino acids.

What is your favorite post-workout recovery meal? Sweet potatoes with chicken or a piece of lean meat. A balanced protein to carbohydrate shake with amino acids as well.

What is the one thing you find yourself repeating over and over again to client? Yes, you can do this. How is your nutrition? What have you done since I saw you last? How have you been sleeping?

Is there anything else you think sets you apart as a trainer? I’m passionate. I practice what I preach. I try to experience everything that I challenge my clients to do. I am very positive all of the time. I focus on my clients. I care about my clients. This is my career and passion, and I make what I do my biggest priority. I never leave a dull moment with a client, and I never forget anything they tell me. And most of all, I change people’s lives!

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