Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Congratulations Bellevue Club Boyz softball team!

Last Wednesday, the Bellevue Club Boyz smashed team Trane Wreck at Marymoore Park. They knocked them right out of the park with scores of 15-0 and 19-1. The team is currently in fifth place in the Eastside/Bellevue Adult Softball League. Teammates David Trujillo and Dayton DeMello recount their epic win with pride. Team manager Dayton says, “Whether or not we win or lose, we are just out there to have fun. The team is a great way to get to know co-workers outside of work.” 
Standing left to right: Marc Garalde Jr., Ryan Beetham, Isreal Zablan, Dan Otto, Dayton DeMello, Peter Arthur, Kenan DeMello, Evan Haseeth, David Tujillo, Kenny Terhune. Seated left to right: Scott James, Alex Cruz

 Cheer on the Bellevue Club Boyz as they play USCutter at Highland Park Field 1 tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. 

 Story by Samantha Storz

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