Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bellevue Club part of Greener Fields Together

We’re excited to announce that the Bellevue Club is now a certified partner with Greener Fields Together, a sustainability program that works with the entire produce food chain to ensure safer, sustainable produce “from seed to fork.”

As a hospitality partner with Greener Fields Together, we’ve committed to supporting the Greener Fields Together food chain, supporting local produce programs when in season and supporting sustainability improvement programs, including recycling, purchasing eco-friendly supplies, and purchasing food locally and in-season as much as possible.

We work with Charlie’s Produce, also a partner with Greener Fields Together, to find ingredients for our restaurant and banquet dishes.

“We work hard to find the very best local produce, dairy products, meat and eggs to serve to our members and guests, so joining Greener Fields Together seemed like a natural progression of our commitment to sustainability,” said Joyce Combs, Purchasing Director at the Club.

Visit Greener Fields Together for more information about the program.

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