Monday, May 20, 2013

BC Personalized Child Care

By Ning Liu

The Bellevue Club Child Care Center provides members with a supervised and warm environment for their children while they enjoy recreational activities or dining at the Club. “It became a second home to their children,” BC Recreational Director Katie Barth said.  

The center has all kinds of age-appropriate toys for children from one to six years old: trains, dinosaurs, baby dolls, Legos, etc. “We get to know what each child likes, and we try to have something for everyone,” BC Child Care Supervisor Amy Bailey said. 

Amy Bailey
Every Child Care staff member has been chosen carefully and is experienced in taking care of young children. “It’s the convenience of knowing the familiarity,” Amy said. Some members came to the Bellevue Club as children and now they are bringing their children to the Child Care Center.
In terms of childcare costs, “we are low,” Katie said. Care is only $8 an hour for children younger than three and $7 for children three to six years of age.  

Also, the Child Care Center recently had a refresh. Old furniture was turned over and replaced, and the paint was refreshed, using toxin-free materials with no smell. “The new paint color is bright and fresh. It looks happy, cheerful and people seem excited about it,” Amy said.

For more information about the Bellevue Club Child Care Center, read the childcare brochure here.

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