Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bellevue Farmers Market Connects Farmers with the Community

On Thursday, May 17, the Bellevue Farmers Market had its lively opening for the 2013 season. More than 20 local farms and vendors presented their farm-fresh food products.

The Bellevue Farmers Market is a non-profit organization that aims to provide a platform for local farmers in Washington State to sell their homegrown food directly to consumers in the Bellevue community. Every year it arrives at this season, and the community gets to experience not only the festivity, but also learn about local farms.

"The education of Bellevue Farmers Market lies in food health and the importance of farmers," Mary Beth, Assistant to the Manager of the Bellevue Farmers Market said.

Vendors in the market displayed various agricultural products grown from their farms: vegetables, fruits, flowers, and so on. There were also homemade pizzas, candies and ice-creams that attracted quite a few lines of customers.

Peter Brogi, owner of Pete's Perfect Toffee, has come to the Bellevue Farmers Market to vend his homemade candy for an eighth year. "Coming to the Bellevue Farmers Market means that as a business, I've survived. It's nice coming back every year to meet our established customers and get to know some new customers," Peter said.

Many vendors expressed their gratitude to this event for supporting their businesses.

"It helps a lot to support our crew. We provide jobs for 35 people at the farm. This event brings income to them," said Dominic Distefano, vendor from Willie Green's Organic Farm, which has come to the Bellevue Farmers Market for a second year.

Customers at the festivity also expressed their support to the farms that brought their fresh food to the event.

Patricia Moorhead, a customer with a bag of organic pears she bought from one of the organic farms  said:"I pay more for food than for anything else and I like to support farmers."

Customers are welcome to the Thursday markets every week from 3 to 7 p.m., starting May 16 until Oct 10 at Bellevue Presbyterian Church. The Saturday Markets will open June 8 through Nov 23.

For more information, visit www.bellevuefarmersmarket.org.

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