Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Junior Members spar to the top

Two Bellevue Club junior members were top finishers at this year's 24th annual Robukai NW Classic karate championship in Oregon. Analise Butler sparred her way to a third place finish in the 8- to 9-year-old Kumite division, while Caleb Cochran brought grace and strength to the weapons form and also took third in his division.

Their Sensei, James Penor, has more than 28 ears of martial arts training in Shito-Ryu karate and was the 1993 Washington state karate champion. He has a fifth-degree blackbelt with the International Karate Association. James is the instructor of the Bellevue Club's Karate Club, which members can attend once or twice a week. For more information about the Club's Karate Club, call Sensei James Penor at 206.550.7701.

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