Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kick up your cardio!

Running can get boring and repetitive for many people. Here are some tips for spicing up your routine so that the dread of boredom doesn't come between you and your workout! 

Save your new tunes: New songs or your favorite CD can really get you pumped up, so put them on your workout playlist only. That way you will be excited to run--and keep running!

Run a new route: For outdoorsy runners, mix up your route each time or run your favorite one backwards. This way you can avoid the boredom of looking at the same houses and trees every time. 

Download an audiobook: By listening to a novel while you run, you will be so distracted by the captivating plot or entertaining characters, you won't want to stop running. 

Mix up your pace: Add bursts of sprinting intervals to mix up your speed and make your run less monotonous. 

Watch your favorite shows: Catch up on your favorite TV shows while working out. You could watch them on your iPad, the Club TVs or from your own DVR if you are working out on a home treadmill or elliptical. 

Track your progress: There are apps available for smart phones that allow you to see how many miles you've ran and calories you've burned. This will keep you motivated to keep going and to work even harder. 

This article also has more tips for beating boredom when running. 

Hate the treadmill or just not a fan of running? There are other ways to get some cardio into your workout. Try a dance class, like Zumba. Jumping rope is also a good alternative to running because only 10 minutes at a quick pace burns 132 calories! Click here to get more ideas. 

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