Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Must-haves for spin class

Just like yoga, it is important to come prepared to spin classes with a few basic items to make your workout more enjoyable. Get geared up for spinning success with these necessities:
  • Water bottle: it's important to stay hydrated while you work up a sweat. One that is easy to drink without spilling or having to slow down is ideal. 
  • Padded classic bike shorts: padded bike shorts can make those 40-60 minutes on the bike seat more comfortable by helping you avoid chafing and pain. 
  • Super absorbent towel: don't leave your towel at home because you are guaranteed to be dripping sweat in these intense cardio classes. 
  • Seat cover: if you decide to forgo the padded bike shorts, seat covers can also help provide maximum comfort. 
  • Heart rate monitor: help assess how well you are doing and see if you are in your target heart rate zone. 
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