Monday, August 26, 2013

New Youth Library

 By Katie Barth, Recreation Director

For many families, the Bellevue Club is home away from home.  Parents pick up kids from school and come straight here for a workout, team practices or classes and end up staying for dinner. 

Many don’t even roll into their garage until bedtime! 

In a day and age where children are pushed and pulled to excel both athletically and scholastically, we at the Bellevue Club have taken a step back and asked what we are doing for those junior members who do their daily studies here. 

Yes, we have an adult library, but more often than not, this 18 and older space isn’t appropriate for youth.  It has adult conversations, business meetings and the like going on; not exactly the place for a mom to go over long division or work on a reading assignment with her young one. 

We’ve seen this need for a place for youth to study and are happy to announce that our new Youth Library is open and ready for your use! Families and junior members are welcome to use the Youth Library, not only as a place to do school work, but as a place to have a quiet conversation, read a book or simply just sit and relax.

Located right across from the Game Room, this new Youth Library is certain to be a favorite for students (and their teachers!).  It’s cozy, just like your living room at home, complete with a fireplace and couches, and has several tables to study at. Plus, there are plug-ins and wi-fi for laptops. 

Check out this new space today, and let us know what you think.  We hope you love it!  

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