Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Day To Do List:

The hectic holiday season is now behind us and there is a new year ahead full of possibilities! Here are some ideas to kick of your year on a good note: 
  1. Watch Football: New Year's Day is huge for games. Check out the NFL schedule to watch your favorite team. The Seahawks will be playing at Arizona. 
  2. Take a hot yoga class: get a fresh start to the new year with a hot yoga class, which is great for its cleansing and renewal effects. Get the toxins out of your body (maybe from the champagne the night before?) to feel energized and refreshed for all the opportunities ahead of you this year.
  3. Set goals: think about what you want to accomplish in the next 12 months and design a way to reach those goals so that you don't give up 2 weeks into the year. Some popular New Year's resolutions are to lose weight, stop smoking, spend more time with family, save money and volunteer to help others. 
  4. Reconnect with friends, family and colleagues: reach out to people you haven't spoken to in a while. Sending an email, updating your Facebook page and using the old fashioned telephone are great ways to stay in touch. 
  5. Expiration date cleaning: go through your fridge, freezer and cupboards to get rid of any expired items, such as old salad dressings, expired medications or makeup and any frozen items with freezer burn. 
  6. Put away holiday decorations: get a clean start to the new year! Putting holiday items in storage will help you move past the holidays and begin with a clean, organized home. 
  7. Hit up the sales: many stores have New Year's Day sales and post-Christmas sales. If the crowds at the mall seem too intimidating, try shopping online! 
  8. Relax and do nothing: after traveling, visiting friends and family, wrapping presents and cooking, enjoy a day of doing nothing. Lounge in sweats on the couch, order some pizza or watch a movie to rest up for the upcoming year. 

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