Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Diet Tricks

Little lifestyle changes can really add up and make a difference when it comes to your health and weight. Here are a few tricks to weave into your daily routine:

Trick your taste buds. Your taste buds are malleable and can learn to love the foods that you provide. Start choosing food with less salt, sugar, saturated fat and trans fat. These foods will become familiar and start to be preferred within weeks.

Indulge every day. Curb your cravings for sweet and salty foods by enjoying a small piece of dark chocolate made of at least 70% cacao every day. You are likely to feel more satisfied and less deprived of cookies or chips.

Bury your cravings. Hide your stash of favorite chips or soda in an inconvenient place so that you are less likely to go grab it. Also, if it's far away, such as in the basement, you will burn a few more calories going through the effort of attaining the beloved treat.

Take omega 3s. By taking two 200-miligram capsules 30 minutes before both lunch and dinner, your desire for food later on will decrease. Less calories equals a smaller waist.

Drink ice water. Drinking water throughout your meal makes you feel fuller faster. Also, you will burn more calories because of the amount needed to bring the water's cold temperature up.

Up the burn. Help your muscles rebuild and repair after a moderate to intense workout by eating protein within 45 minutes of your workout. This will also help you burn more calories. Bring a small protein-rich snack with you to the gym or work to maximize the fat you burn during the day.

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