Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Help prevent theft

With the holiday season upon us, retail activity has increased—and so has criminal activity. Though we work hard to keep the Bellevue Club safe for members, guests and their belongings, we need your help to prevent criminal activity at the Club.

Detective Chinn of the Bellevue Police Department put together the following tips to help prevent theft at the Club.

Car prowls:
• Lock your car door.
• Set your car alarm if you one.
• Remember: “Out of sight out of mind.”
• Do not have anything in your car that may look of value or may be concealing something of value (for example, a gym bag with dirty clothes—a criminal might believe there are valuables inside).
• If you are going to hide items in your trunk, place them in the trunk prior to your arrival to your location. People could be watching, waiting for you to leave your car.
 • Be thorough with GPS—if you hide the GPS make sure you hide the cradle and charger, and wipe off the suction cup mark from the front windshield.

Remember: It only takes a few seconds to break into a car.   

Locker break-ins (non-padlock type):
• Beware of shoulder surfers as you plug in your code.  Cover up as much as possible.
• Make sure that the locker is actually locked prior to leaving the locker room.
• If you are using the gym or pool at the same time every day, you should consider alternating your code.  Someone may have seen your code today and may not break in that day but another day.
• Carry your valuables in a fanny pack (cash, credit card).

The Bellevue Club is increasing patrols of the parking lot and undercover surveillance in all areas to ensure we are all safe. We are also working directly with the Bellevue Police Department to heighten security awareness and visibility. Please help us prevent theft.

Thank you!

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