Saturday, December 10, 2011

Escape from your cardio rut

Once you find a workout routine you enjoy, it's easy to stick with it. However, when this routine gets boring it can cause you to lose all motivation for exercise. Shake things up with these changes to get out of your cardio rut.

Change your soundtrack. Get moving with some new tunes. Studies have shown that music can be motivating so mix up your playlist or download new songs to make your workout more exciting.

Change your location.  If you always workout at the gym, try moving outdoors or working out in your own home with a fitness video or at-home equipment. If you tend to workout in the great outdoors or your home, switch up the scenery by heading to the gym. Variety will help keep your workout interesting.

Change your intensity. Try either a longer, less intense workout or a shorter, more intense workout. With a longer, less intense workout, such as dancing, walking or hiking, you give yourself time to enjoy the activity. Also, swapping your usual low-intensity workout for a shorter, more intense one will help keep you from staring at the clock hoping for your workout to be over.

Change your social nature. A group exercise class is a great way to spice up your cardio routine. Find something on the schedule that is new and different for you. You might even meet a new workout buddy! If you've found a cardio class that you enjoy, but have gone to it so many times that you've memorized the routine, try a new class with a different instructor. From yoga to Zumba, there is a class for everyone to enjoy.

Change your equipment. Try a new machine at the gym to mix up your typical routine. Test them out for ten minutes each to see which one you like best. If different brands of equipment are offered, give them a shot to discover what new programs and features you've been missing by sticking to your comfort zone.

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