Thursday, December 8, 2011

Home for the holidays

It's that time of year when the kids are bored and home from school and parents have a to-do list almost as long as Santa's. Here are some fun ways to keep your children busy on their break from school this holiday season. 

Get some of your holiday baking done while keeping the children busy as well. The mixing and measuring can be entertaining and the delicious end result is definitely rewarding!  
Put their holiday enthusiasm to work! Kids are always excited for the holidays- and the presents that come along with them. Have them create a paper chain countdown, set up the christmas toys or help you put ornaments on the tree. 

Make gifts and cards
Use the natural creativity of children to create some unique gifts and cards. Check out this Disney Family Fun website for some great ideas. 

Watch family videos 
Kids can be easily entertained. They will love watching themselves and their siblings from years past. Videos from the previous holiday season will get everyone excited for the upcoming festivities.  

Try a winter sport
Take advantage of the winter to try some seasonal sports such as ice skating, skiing, sledding and snow tubing. 

Talent show
Have your kids showcase their many talents. While they practice, parents can get things done around the house. Some ideas include singing Christmas carols, choreographing a holiday dance or writing their own holiday play. 

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